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Collection of my personal favourite tweets. 🕊

Also, not to forget, built using the Twitter API V2 (Super easy, super fun). 🕊

Once you start crushing on celebrities there's no going back.
Everyone wants to be brave. Very few of us want to feel vulnerable. There is no courage without uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure. Brave is vulnerable. Embrace the suck.
The best résumés fit in a tweet.
The world is now permissionless. No one can stop you from creating a podcast, publishing a newsletter, or creating a project. The only permission you need is your own.
I no longer have a manager. I can't be managed
Being honest is a better marketing strategy than a marketing strategy
Prediction: The best indie hacker companies in 2021 will be building tools and platforms to support the creator economy — the millions of people moving online to make a living from writing, videos, podcasting, teaching, etc.
Am considering taking Tesla private at $420. Funding secured.
Want to learn design, product development, sales, customer support, marketing, recruiting, finance, legal, and operations? Start a company.
At some point I made the decision to focus on foundational concepts; not features of a particular implementation; my tech career took off.