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Senior Software Engineer building SaaS products and web apps. Find me on twitter for tech updates and memes.

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Life Changelog and Updates


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    300+ users on Algochurn 🀌🏻

    Algochurn crossed 300 users and I couldn't be any happier.


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    Started working on Moonbeam 🀩

    Started working on Moonbeam as a front-end developer. Building a chrome extension was the most fun and challenging part.

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    Algochurn crosses 200 users 🀌🏻

    Algochurn is now helping 200+ registered users and 14,000+ monthly users.

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    1,000+ Followers on Twitter 🌟

    Crossed 1,000 mark on Twitter. You can help increase the count by following me. πŸ˜‰

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    Built and launched Algochurn 🍾

    Built Algochurn, A platform to practice DS ALgo along with front-end to ace your next technical interview.

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    Promoted to Senior Software Engineer πŸŽ‰

    Promoted to Senior Software Engineer - Worked on applications handling 20,000+ users per day. Working on Web, Mobile, and even TV applications. πŸ”₯


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    Built Tailwind Master Kit πŸͺ

    Built TailwindMasterKit, A SaaS marketplace for beautiful, handcrafted Website components built with and for Tailwind supported websites. Built the components from the ground up for React and HTML in 30+ categories.

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    Created πŸ’Š

    Created help people with verified leads on Oxygen, Remdesivir, Food, Beds, ICU, Medicines and more.

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    Created Covid-19 Vaccination slots notification system πŸ’‰

    Integrated Vaccination slots notification system in covidrescue web app. Notified people whenever vaccination slot was available in their area and city.


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    Joined mroads πŸŽ‰

    Joined mroads as a Software Development Engineer. Working on their Flagship product as a Front-End Developer.

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    Cleared GATE 2019 πŸ’―

    Cleared GATE 2019 after 8 months of continuous studies. I still hate Computer System Architecture & Organization.

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    Competitive Programming πŸ†

    Cleared Hackerrank and Hackerearth contests. Got a strong grip on Competitive Programming.

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    Taught programming to studentsπŸ₯³

    Taught fundamental programming to school students. It included Basic C programming, Introduction to Web Development and logic building.


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    Placements - Got Placed ✨

    Had 3 offers in Hand. 1 On-Campus and 2 Off-Campus in the Software Developer (Full-Stack) roles.

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    Full-Stack Applications πŸš€

    Started freelancing, developed full-stack applications for clients ranging from E-Commerce stores to static landing pages.

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    GATE Preparation βš›οΈ

    Started preparing for GATE (Graduate Aptitute Test in Engineering). Learnt all the Computer Science subjects again from scratch.

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